Meet Christina Milian And Her Very “Crazy, Loud, And Fun” Family

We all know Christina Milian from her success in the music, television, film, and fashion industries over the years, but we’re about to see Christina like we’ve never seen her before.

On January 18th, we all will be able to get a look at Christina and her fun-loving Cuban family and all their crazy encounters and adventures together in E!’s new docuseries, Christina Milian Turned Up!

E! introduces us to the women in Christina’s life:

Danielle Milian “The Voice of Reason”
danielle milian

Danielle is married to her husband Rich and they have two children, Naomi Rose and DJ. She is the middle sister and the head of Christina’s beauty team. For 15+ years, she’s been working passionately in the beauty industry, doing hair and makeup for her celebrity clientèle.

Liz Milian “Family Clown”

The youngest Milian sister, Liz, is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu Cooking Academy as a culinary/personal chief. Keep an eye out for the publication of her first cookbook, currently in the works.

Carmen Milian “Momager”

As Christina’s beautiful, loving, and dedicated mother, Carmen has acted as Christina’s manager, consultant and biggest fan since her early career. She’s also an extraordinary motivational speaker and works as a business partner to Christina for multiple projects.

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