Meanwhile, Fashion Boycotts The 2015 MTV VMAs


Sunday night may have been a fashion enthusiast’s worst nightmare. The 2015 MTV VMAs seemed doomed before it even began, judging from the looks on the red carpet.

The first red flag was when Miley Cyrus, the host of the night, showed up dressed like the ‘Go Go Dancer’ of the century.

After that, I lost all expectation of seeing creative outfits, instead I saw this barely-there trend erupt on the red carpet. Leaving little to the imagination, many celebrities failed to deliver any groundbreaking looks of jaw-dropping fashion and style.

Only a handful quenched our thirst for ‘practical’ fashion. Sadly, there wasn’t enough to reclaim what fashion lost that night. The men were also shockingly disappointing. Even though the VMAs are far from a black-tie event, in the spirit of pop culture, nothing on the red carpet ‘popped’ in the least.

In past VMAs red carpets, we’ve seen some crazy things, but we’ve also seen enough great iconic fashion moments. The issue wasn’t that there were crazy outfits on the red carpet, the issue was that there were not enough iconic ones to balance out the crazy. Here’s how we’ve dissected the fashion of the 2015 MTV VMAs:

Miley Cyrus, the night’s ‘Go Go Dancer’

Many critics seemed to share very similar thoughts on Miley’s wardrobe the night of the VMAs. The word ‘crazy’ echoed a lot in the media everywhere when referring to her wardrobe choices. Assuming that was the effect she was going for, there wasn’t any room for her to be taken seriously, nor was she receiving any best dressed titles.

We could go on with more looks from Miley but honestly, these are enough.

Barely There

Nude, form-fitting dresses were a major trend, as well as black sheer that accentuates the legs. Though none of these are iconic, we have to admit that Nicki Minaj’s mermaid-style number was utterly perfect on the rapper.

The Ones That Got Away

And these are the stars that are our picks for best dressed:

Though Lily Aldridge and Vanessa Hudgens may have crossed over into ‘too formal’ for an event like the VMAs, Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne personify pop/rock style, with eye-catching prints and perfect tailoring.

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Keziah Lendor
Keziah Lendor is a fashion stylist and freelance writer who was born, raised and perfected on the Caribbean Isles of Trinidad and Tobago. Being from the Caribbean has added a lot of cultured dimension to her work in fashion. Having taken the route of a fashion-focused entrepreneurial life, Keziah journals her vast experiences and love for art, fashion, culture and life on her blog (Kezblogs.com).

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