McDonald’s Happy Meal Mascot Leaves Social Network Trembling with Fear

McDonald’s is using a unique tactic to sell its new “healthy” image to finicky five-year-olds (otherwise known as the Happy Meal’s target audience).

It’s called fear.

With menu options deep fried in calories and smothered in saturated fat, McDonald’s has long been criticized for failing to promote the idea of healthy living and cleaning eating to America’s youth. That’s about to change.

The fast food chain is debuting, what it’s called, a new and improved take on its trademark Happy Meal by offering low-fat yogurt to accompany the small fries and 4-piece Chicken McNugget. On Monday, McDonald’s suits introduced the creature they hoped would promote this idea of a healthier Happy Meal to kids.

Ladies and Gents, say hello to “Happy,” the creepiest mascot to emerge on the fast food scene since the 1987 debut of Mac Tonight.

If those large teeth don’t give children nightmares, we’ve got five bucks that says those piercing eyes will. “Happy” may have been designed to promote healthy eating, but so far all he’s done is attract collective head-scratching and banter from tweeting social media users. The always outspoken social media elite claim “Happy” actually invokes the opposite emotion: Terror.

McDonald’s spokeswoman Kristin Hylek doesn’t care what the Twitterverse says, she maintains that the very toothy “Happy,” is just the guy to take a chomp out of America’s childhood obesity battle.

“Happy is all about encouraging wholesome food choices, like fruit, veggies and low-fat dairy, and does so in a fun, positive, creative way. Social media is a great place to have a conversation and express an opinion, but not all comments reflect the broader view.”

Translation: Get ready to start seeing a whole lot more “Happy.”

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