Matthew Dellavedova Taken To Hospital For Severe Cramps Following Game 3 Win

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Matthew Dellavedova had the game of his life last night, but following the game, he was experiencing severe cramps and needed medical help.

He was unable to talk to the media because he was receiving in IV in the building before being taken to the local hospital in an ambulance for more treatment, something that will certainly not sit well with Cavaliers fans.

The last thing that the Cleveland Cavaliers possibly need is for their breakout star to get injured and his physical play on the court is rivaling of anyone. His play in game 3 was unreal, recording 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 4 assists, in addition to his aggressive defense on Stephen Curry.

Matthew Dellavedova’s defense on Curry has been a bit unbelievable as he was able to hold him to only 3 points in the first half of game 3 and played incredibly aggressive defense throughout much of the first 3 games, until Curry scored 24 points in the second half of game 3.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are already stacked with injuries, which makes NBA fans wonder how they are even continuing on this surprising run that they are on.

Once Kevin Love went out, some people thought they might not make it past the Bulls, then they beat the Bulls and Hawks before losing Kyrie Irving, which could have caused them to not have a chance against the Golden State Warriors, but the Cavaliers have found their unlikely hero in Dellavedova.

The backup Australian point guard has been highly praised for his physical play, and Lebron James gave him some more after the game when saying, “He’s going to give everything he’s got. His body, he’s going to throw his body all over the place. And he’s going to compete at a high level however many minutes he’s out on the floor.”

Matthew Dellavedova’s played so hard physically that he needed to be taken to the hospital, and luckily the next game is in Cleveland, and for the sake of him and his team, hopefully he will be all rested up and able to play on Thursday.

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