Matt Lauer- Who Knew???

mattlauerripped.jpgMatt Lauer was recently spotted on the beach in Southhampton, New York frolicking in the surf with his wife, his children (seen here with daughter Romy), and his six-pack. And not the kind of six-pack you bring in a cooler, either.

Matt has been a co-anchor on NBC’s Today show since 1997, probably famous equally for both his hard hitting interviews and the more light-hearted “Where in the World is Matt Lauer?” that airs yearly on Today. This is not the first time Matt has gotten attention for his physical appearance- back in 2002 he turned heads and fueled a lot of jokes by switching his hairstyle from a full head of hair to a buzz cut (an attempt to disguise a receding hairline???) but that situation ended up working out well for him, and I’m sure this one will too.

He’ll never have Mathew McConaughey’s famous beach body (place your vote here) but I have to hand it to the guy- nice work!

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