Matt Grant Shayne Lamas “The Bachelor: London Calling”

Matt Grant gave his final rose-and a marriage proposal-to Shayne Lamas on Monday night’s season finale of The Bachelor: London Calling.

“I know when I look in those beautiful brown eyes that you’ll always be there for me and I hope that you know that I’ll always be there for you,” Matt said. “Shayne, I love you and I have something for you. Monkey, will you marry me?”

Shayne happily accepted Matt’s proposal: “Yes, I will marry you — Matt, I love you!”

But there one condition: “You will never look at another woman for the rest of our lives because you have looked at way too many during our relationship.”

(Good luck with that one, Shayne.)

The twenty-two year old actress beat out pharmaceutical sales rep Chelsea, twenty-five, to win Matt’s hand in marriage.

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