Matt Barnes Tells Former NBA Player Casey Jacobsen To ‘Eat A D*Ck’ Following Critical Tweet, Later Removed

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Matt Barnes has never been one to shy away from an aggressive encounter and last night was no different. His latest encounter occurred not on the court, but over Twitter following his team’s win over the Spurs.

The first round series between the Clippers and the Spurs is one that fans and commentators never want to see come to an end. The two teams have played 6 games and each team has won 3 so far with one going into overtime and plenty of close calls and lead changes.

Barnes has been a key to winning just as he always is, offering his part to the game along with superstars Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, who lead the team in just about everything.

Matt Barnes recently had to defend himself after former NBA failure Casey Jacobsen decided to criticize him during the game in a tweet, who still seems to be bitter about the Clippers star having more success in the league with them being drafted in the same year. Jacobsen played only two seasons for the Phoenix Suns after being drafted before Barnes in 2002.

Sure, Blake Griffin is a great player and one of the best in the league, but Matt Barnes has proven that he can make clutch shots and is an excellent shooter too. Barnes was obviously upset about the comment and fired back with a good amount of aggression that seemed to shock Jacobsen a bit.

Perhaps he realized that his reaction was a bit too harsh and was just fired up in the heat of the moment or Twitter removed it, but his tweet is no longer available on the site.

@cjacobsen23 eata d!ck with ur two yr NBA career u bum!!

— Matt Barnes (@Matt_Barnes22) May 1, 2015

Jacobsen was shocked at his response, simply explaining that he thought Blake should have taken the shot when he was open. Do you think it was wrong for him to pass the ball then?

Matt Barnes and the Los Angeles Clippers avoided elimination with a big win late Thursday night. They will go back to Los Angeles and hope to beat the Spurs and advance to face the Houston Rockets in the second round.

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