Matt Barnes Accidentally Tells James Harden’s Mother To ‘Suck My D*ck, B*tch’

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Matt Barnes, as any fan of the NBA well knows, is one of the most aggressive players that you will come across as an opponent. He will get physical and he will get verbal, both on and off the court, clearly not someone to mess with.

In the latest aggressive situation involving the Clippers forward, he reportedly yelled back at a fan that happened to be MVP runner-up James Harden’s mother.

During the play, Harden drove to the basket and got fouled like he tends to do on a regular basis, but Barnes decided to bring out his aggression and push him even further.

The push earned him a technical, but that was only the beginning. Not liking what she saw on the court, a woman yelled out “You suck,” and when Barnes heard that, he decided to yell back “Suck my dick, bitch.”

Matt Barnes didn’t know hat she was a mother, and obviously not the mother of James Harden when he said of course. However, perhaps he is letting the aggression come out a bit too much lately. He also told former NBA player Casey Jacobsen to “eat a dick” over Twitter recently during the Clippers-Spurs series.

None of this was heard by fans during the game, but after coming out publicly, it is certain that tensions will be even higher during game 3 of the series in the Western Conference semi-finals. Harden’s older brother clearly took offense to the comment directed at their mother and confronted Barnes after the game.

Speaking about interaction between her son and Barnes after the game, Harden’s mother said “What he told me was that he would never want to disrespect anyone’s mother because his mother passed from cancer … and that he was sorry.”

Matt Barnes is sorry for what he did and his mom said that she accepts his apology, but will things really be forgiven between the two players when they take the court for game 3? The Clippers will host the Rockets in Los Angeles for game 3 on Friday night.

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