Master Illusionist Owns Fountain of Youth

davidcopperfield.jpgDavid Copperfield, 49, recently purchased four small islands somewhere in the Bahamas for the sum of 50 million dollars. The world renowned illusionist, who once made the Statue of Liberty vanish, now says those islands contain the “Fountain of Youth.”

While Copperfield won’t give much information away, he does seriously believe he’s found the legendary fountain said to bestow everlasting youth to those who swim or bathe in the waters.

“I’ve discovered a true phenomenon,” Copperfield reported. “Bugs or insects that are near death, come in contact with the water, they’ll fly away. It’s very, very exciting.”

It remains to be seen whether Copperfield has discovered the famed “Fountain of Youth,” or if he’s simply using his powers of deception to fool us all once again.

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