Mary-Kate Olsen Rehab Worries

Is it back to rehab for Mary-Kate Olsen? Tabloid spies say the pop culture mini-mogul has spent the past several months boozing away her millions, crushed by the heartbreaking death of alleged lover, actor Heath Ledger, and a reported bust-up with twin sister Ashley Olsen.

A Star Magazine spywitness writes: The twin was so out of it that she collapsed in a public parking lot and then spent a short time in a holistic health spa to detox. But that didn’t slow her down…

“Mary-Kate seriously needs to get to rehab, but she doesn’t think she has a problem,” says a Star snitch. “She thinks she’s young, hip and entitled to live her life as she sees fit. But it’s affecting everything.”

Mary-Kate Olsen entered a rehab facility seeking treatment for an eating disorder in 2002.

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