Marvel Teams Up With ’12 Years A Slave’ Screenwriter John Ridley For Upcoming ABC Series

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Photo via Facebook

Marvel continues to dominate the box office with multiple superhero films, but that is obviously not enough for the powerhouse that was once only known to comic book geeks. There is now yet another TV show announced that will air on ABC.

There is little information that has been revealed about the show, although one good thing to get excited about is the partnership with screenwriter John Ridley. He won an Oscar for his work on 12 Years A Slave and is currently working on the hard-hitting racial drama, American Crime.

So far, all that is known about the project other than it will air on ABC and be presented by Marvel, is that it involves reinventing an existing Marvel superhero character or property for ABC.

Marvel and ABC have both been quiet on the project and from that description, the show could be about virtually anyone. It could be about a superhero who is already a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or someone who has only been presented in the comics, leaving just about everything up for speculation.

The news of another unknown ABC show from Marvel comes less than a week after the announcement that there would be a spinoff from the Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which seems to be getting better after each episode.

The show recently introduced the character of Skye as a member of the Inhumans, already foreshadowing what might happen in the film that doesn’t even hit theaters until 2019, making fans wonder if she might make an appearance in the film.

Marvel’s Agent Carter premiered when SHIELD was on break this season and is also expected to be renewed for another season soon. In addition to the already existing ABC shows, Marvel recently debuted Daredevil on Netflix, which has been widely popular, with another 3 set to hit Netflix as well (Luke Cage, AKA Jessica Jones, and Iron Fist), leading up to The Defenders, which will tie them all together.

Marvel could do just about anything with their next show, but it will surely be a hit with John Ridley as the screenwriter. In addition to 12 Years A Slave and American Crime, he was done the scripts for Red Tails, Jimi: All Is By My Side, and the upcoming Ben-Hurt remake.

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