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Marty McFly and Doc Brown Visit Jimmy Kimmel Live, Discover 2015 Actually Disappointing


Yesterday, October 21st, 2015, was an auspicious day for the world, and for the entire human race. Known colloquially as “Back to the Future Day,” it was the day on which Marty McFly and Doc Brown traveled through space and time, from the year 1985, to visit a future with wonders beyond their imagining. But when Marty and Doc visited the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live, they were forced to conclude that the future “kind of sucks.”

Marty and Doc meet and introduce themselves to Jimmy Kimmel, startled to find out that Johnny Carson sadly passed away. The time-traveling pair then ask Jimmy about all the wondrous technology that they’re sure to find in 2015, things like flying cars and hoverboards, and important political milestones like “peace in the Middle East.”

“Oh, no no no” was Jimmy’s appropriate response.

After concluding that 2015 falls way short of their expectations, Doc tells Marty that obviously they’ve entered into an alternate-universe 2015, where human evolution has been “stopped” due to “superfluous technology.” Then Jimmy takes a selfie with the pair, telling them that this is how we “document important life events” in 2015.

Sounds about right.

But the best part of the entire segment was when Doc and Marty were shocked to find that they were live on TV. Kimmel was quick to stem their enthusiasm, however, remarking that “most people will watch this on their phones on the toilet tomorrow.”

Welcome to the future.

Lisa Lo Paro
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