Married Guys Work Harder And Earn More Money Than Single Guys

Married Men Work Harder and Earn More than Single Guys

When it comes to hard work and earning money, married men are better at their jobs and collect better salaries than their equally qualified single male friends.

A recent study published by the Washington Post found that married men will put in 400 hours more per year than their single friends. The study specifically examined guys who had the same educational achievements and who came from similar economic classes.

Married men aged 28-30 also make $15,900 more than single men of the same ages while married men aged 44 to 46 years old make $18,800 more than similarly aged single men.

The study also found that when investigating two men with just a high school diploma or less, the married man made at least $17,000 more a year.

Why do married men work harder and earn more money? According to Wilcox and Lerman, there are for reasons for the discrepancies.

The first supports sociologist Steven Nock’s saying that marriage is a “rite of passage into manhood.” When men are married they become more prideful and responsible. Second, researchers have found that marriage leads to an outright desire to earn a higher income. They find that men who are married seek out an identity that influences them to make better choices that lead to promotions and raises.

Most obvious is that married men realize they have other people to support and they work harder to make sure those individuals have everything they need.

The group also found that wives work hand-in-hand with their husbands to make decisions that make them happy and with their love and support they make better decisions on the job.

Finally, married guys are typically perceived as stable and loyal, that perception helps them in the workplace as they take on bigger workloads.

Are married guys stereotyped? Maybe, but it also gives them a huge advantage against their single male counterparts.

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