Mariah Carey Sings Along To Mariah Carey In The Car With Host James Corden [Watch]

Who thought they would see Mariah Carey singing along to recorded songs by herself? The new Late Late Show host made sure that happened in his latest segment.

James Corden, the new face of the Late Late Show following the departure of Craig Ferguson, has wasted no time in getting in on the fun of late night hosting. He is obviously a big fan of the singer and, as you can imagine, was awfully excited to be able to ride around in the car singing her songs with her.

They fistbump at the beginning of their ride and he proceeds to ask if he can put on the radio, which just happens to be her Greatest Hits album, and he claims that it was an accident.

Mariah Carey’s song “Always Be My Baby” started up, and of course she said she was up late the night before and did not want to sing, but given that she is accompanying the new Late Late Show host, she couldn’t just not join him in singing along right?

Do you think you could possibly be a bigger fan of Mariah Carey than James Corden? He seems to know just about every word of her songs from “Fantasy” to “Vision Of Love” to “Thirsty,” clearly not just a casual fan of the singer.

At times during the video, it even seems as if there is a bit of flirtation going on, but Corden insists that she needs to stop because he is a married man and he knows what she is doing. Corden already seems to be given JImmy Fallon a run for his money in terms of creativeness for hosting celebrity guests on a late night show.

Mariah Carey sure acted like she was having fun on her car trip with James Corden, and it had probably been a while since she had sang some of those songs, given that some of them came out in the 90’s.

Tell US: Does James Corden have what it takes to compete in the world of late night talk shows?

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