Mariah Carey Releases A Song From Her New Album, Check Out ‘Infinity’ Now



Mariah Carey is back and to the delight of her many fans, she sounds like her old self that rose to fame in the early 90s. She came on the scene long before the pop stars of today and some young fans may not even be familiar with her, unfortunately.

She is set to release a new album soon, although it is not a collection of brand new songs, but a Greatest Hits album titled Mariah Carey #1 To Infinity. The new single “Infinity” will be the only new material to debut on the album and is sure to bring in some fans who may not have listened to her for several years.

Although none of the other songs from the album have been named yet, she certainly has plenty of hits to pick from. Carey released her debut self-titled album in 1990 and her first singled was called “Vision Of Love.”

Mariah Carey’s new single certainly shows a personal side to her and anyone who knows about what she has been going through in recent years will understand what she is talking about in the lyrics.

She recently split from her husband Nick Cannon and this song seems to be directed right at him with lyrics like “Close the door / Lose the key / Leave my heart on the mat for me / I was yours / Eternally / There’s an end to infinity / To infinity” being repeated as the chorus.

Check out the lyric video that she posted that is already receiving tons of views. There is no doubt that this song will become another hit of hers.

“Infinity” reunites Carey and Epic CEO Antonio “L.A.” Reid who helped put together one of Carey’s best-selling albums, The Emancipation of Mimi. She will perform her new single and the rest of her hits at her #1 to Infinity show in Las Vegas. As of now, fans only get a lyric video that is as corny as some of the lyrics but she will eventually release a music video directed by longtime friend and film director Brett Ratner.

Mariah Carey’s new single “Infinity” is sure to be a hit and with it reminding fans of her earlier hits, it should gain even more attention. Her last album was released in 2014, but it was in production for several years before that.

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