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Mariah Carey Lip Syncing (Terribly)


Mariah is not having a good time as of late. Last Friday the 44 year old diva had a bit of a hard time on stage at the 2015 Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival when she kept missing her cues- showing that she was using a vocal track. This latest installment of her concert issues only proves that Carey is spiraling down fast.

Throughout the performance Carey would forget when to move her mouth, yet the lyrics still came perfectly. When she tried to get back in line with the pre-recorded music, her voice was shaky and even out of breath at times. Fans were bummed as they weren’t getting the live version they hoped (and paid) for, with tweets such as, “The most epic Lip sync fail ever! Mariah, at least Try to fool somebody!” and, “I’ve seen people who lip sync and Mariah Carey.”


mariah1 by .

Mariah during the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival.


At one point during the show, Mariah left the stage, letting the “We Belong Together” track play by itself to confused fans. Then, during her rendition of “Fantasy”, the backing vocals experienced some “technical difficulties”, making for an awkward experience for all involved.

This isn’t the first time the singer has had trouble, nor the second. Back in December, Carey performed her holiday classic “All I want for Christmas” in which her voice was less than stellar. The song was raspy and she couldn’t seem to hit her own high notes, tripping over them instead. The painful video of her performance went viral, gaining sympathy. A similar event happened during a show in China. Carey’s career might not last long if she can’t pull herself together, especially with a big show planned for Vegas. Fans are anticipating her event, announced on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, but will her newest blunder make sales drop? Or maybe everyone will clamor around in hopes of witnessing another “epic fail”?


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Carey during her concert at Rockefeller Center 2014




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