Mariah Carey: Diva, Mother, Jenny Craig Celebrity Spokesperson

Say hello to Jenny Craig’s newest celebrity spokesperson: Pop powerhouse Mariah Carey.

The notorious diva welcomed fraternal twins Morrocan and Monroe (known in some circles as “Roc” and “Roe,” or simply “Dem Babies…”) with hubby Nick Cannon six months ago and has enlisted the weight loss giant to help her shed the pounds she gained before giving birth on April 22.

So far, so good: Mariah’s already lost over 30lbs in over three months on the program.

“I lost a lot of water weight initially, and then I lost 30 pounds on top of that,” the “Shake It Off” star told The Associated Press Tuesday. “I feel better in every way. To me, it’s mind, body and soul. I was in a bad place physically during my pregnancy.”

During her pregnancy, Carey battled gestational diabetes and severe swelling caused by excess fluid trapped in the tissue of the body.

“Edema was the probably the most painful thing I went through during my pregnancy. My legs looked three times the size of what my legs do right now. I thought I would never be the same person again.”

Mariah’ll make her official Jenny debut in a series of commercials for the brand that are expected to begin airing later this week. Some of the ads will feature the singer’s ’90s hit “Make It Happen.”

“I wrote that song from personal experience…so fitting because a lot of people give up hope when they have had their kids and can’t lose that 20 pounds or 40 pounds, or they have gone through issues with weight their entire lives. It becomes so frustrating and debilitating that you give up.”

Mariah joins a long line of celebs who have reached their weight loss goals with a little help from Jenny: Jason Alexander, Queen Latifah, Valerie Bertinelli, and most recently Carrie Fisher have all publicly endorsed the brand.


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