Marge Simpson Playboy November 2009 (COVER Photo)

Marge Simpson — yep, the blue-haired mother of three — is the latest television star stripping down for a nude centerfold on the pages of Playboy Magazine.

We expected more from you, Marge….

Marge Simpson Playboy Cover Photo

Does anyone else find this a little creepy? What’s next, a Homer/Marge Sex Tape? Forget I said that — we don’t want to give anyone any ideas…..

As PopCrunch told you on Thursday, the usually-demure Marge is featured in a three-page pictorial and interview with the iconic men’s mag, in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the long-running animated series The Simpsons.

New Playboy CEO Scott Flanders says the idea is to attract readers in their 20s to a magazine where the average reader’s age is 35.

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