Marcia Brady Jan Brady Lesbian Sex; Maureen McCormick ‘Here’s The Story’ Tell-All

Maureen McCormick, best known to Babies Of The Seventies as blonde knockout Marcia Brady, is dropping a few bombshells of her own in a fiery tell-all memoir entitled ‘Here’s the Story.’ The former cocaine-addicted bulimic child star claims she had a lesbian affair with her television younger sister Eve Plumb, who portrayed Jan Brady.

….’For fans of the cult show, the most explosive comments will be how the then-blonde, blue-eyed cutie developed a crush on Eve Plumb, which led to some sexual play,’ a publishing industry mole spills to the tabs.

‘While Maureen is not a lesbian, she reveals there were sexual hijinks going on behind the scenes,’ a National Enquirerspywitness claims.

‘Here’s The Story’ will hit shelves in early 2008.

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