Manolo Blahnik Slams “Sex And The City”

After 40 years of designing shoes, Sex And The City made Manolo Blahnik a fashion icon. There’s only one problem — the Spanish-born shoe god never wanted to be a celebrity!

Manolo Blahnik’s name became synonymous with the hit fashion-obsessed franchise after series protagonist Carrie Bradshaw Blahnik’s on the show in the late 1990s. Although he credits the long-running series with saving his pnce fleeting empire and cementing the shoe’s place in pop culture history, Blahnik, 66, is “sick” of seeing his luxury heels on the hoffs of Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the Sex gang.


The designer is desperate to distance his brand from the wildly-popular series.

“If people talk to me about Sex And The City, I get sick,” he revealed in an interview with The Sunday Telegraph on Sept. 6. “The taxi drivers recognize me now. It becomes too much and I don’t feel comfortable. I have never wanted to be a celebrity designer.”

INF Photo, Bauer-Griffin

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