“Mannequin” Remake

Get ready for Mannequin: The Remake.

Mannequin starred Sex & The City’s Kim Cattrall as an Egyptian princess trapped in the body of showroom dummy who comes to life and falls in love with Andrew McCartney’s awkward department store window designer. Panned by critics when it was released in 1987, Mannequin went on to become a cult classic. How could it not? Meshach Taylor was just divine as the script’s token queen, Hollywood. Tinseltown insiders tell Moviehole.net that Gladden Entertainment is in the early stages of producing a Mannequin remake with the new version featuring a lonely man who falls for a “laser display hologram.”

WTF? What is the meaning of this? Have we learned nothing from the craptacular mess that was Mannequin 2? That feature came out in 1991 and was dubbed “one of the worst follow-ups ever made.”

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