Manhattan Condo Board Ban Rachel Uchitel

There are some things Celebrity Rehab can’t cure. Manhattan nightclub hostess Rachel Uchitel — best known for her romps in the sheets with womanizing celebs David Boreanaz and Tiger Woods — is getting a harsh lesson in social climbing Big Apple-style: Manhattan condo dwellers don’t take too kindly to scandal-bitten prostitution whores.

Uchitel had been hoping to use a portion of the reported $10 million she pocketed to keep her mouth shut about her affair with the married golfer to purchase a new pad. So imagine the trout-lipped Hubby Humper’s shock when her bid to buy a $1.995 million condominium — complete with three-bedrooms and three-baths — on New York City’s ritzy Park Avenue was shot down by the building’s hardnosed Homeowner’s Association.

Condo boards regularly exercise their right to reject and accept new residents as they please — and the Upper East Siders are throwing up all kinds of roadblocks for the celebrity mistress-turned-Celebrity Rehabber, according to a scoop featured in the Aug. 30 print edition of The National Enquirer.

Apparently, “Money can’t buy you class” or a crib in the City That Never Sleeps!

“Manhattan is famous for being ultra-selective when it comes to approving who buys apartments, and this luxury building is no different,” says an Enquirer tattle, who claims the condo board is “fighting tooth and nail to keep Rachel out of the building.”

“They consider Rachel a homewrecker and money-grubber and don’t buy the idea that she is a respectable celebrity….The other homeowners feel she helped break up Tiger’s marriage and profited from it, and she’s not the type of person they want as a neighbor.”

So far, the board is keeping Rachel at bay by burying her in paperwork, sources say. The idea is that if they play Cat-Mouse Games with her long enough, Uchitel will just lose interest and take her offer elsewhere. They’ve demanded that she supply additional background information, social references, and a list of other famous men she may have bedded. (Just kidding about that last one.)

Rachel’s incensed.

“Rachel believes she made her money fair and square and should be able to buy whatever apartment she can afford.”

What do you think? Is it fair for a condo board to fight to keep a celebrity mistress out of their building?

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