Mandy Moore Estranged From Lesbian Mother

Mandy Moore isn’t speaking to her mom.

The 24-year-old pop singer has reportedly been estranged from her mother, Stacy Moore, ever since the middle-aged woman came out as a lesbian last March.

Mandy was devastated when Stacy dumped her dad, Don, and moved in with her female lover earlier this year.

“When Mandy’s mom came out as a lesbian and took up with Claudette Laliberte, Mandy felt betrayed,” a Star Magazine blabs.

The snitch adds, “She always believed that her mom and dad were happy and that her mom was straight. Now she has no idea what to believe and feels as if she’s been lied to her entire life.”

The turmoil between Mandy and her mom has the actress/singer threatening to boycott her older brother’s upcoming wedding.

Mandy has warned him that if their mom is at his wedding later this year, she’s not coming, the tabloid claims.

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