Mandy Moore Breaks up with Zach Braff

I hope this isn’t because Zach Braff started a video blog.

Us Weekly is reporting Zach Braff and Mandy Moore have split up after going out for a year and a half. Braff was spotted at Hyde on June 8 downing drinks and trying to get with Jessica Simpson, despite costar Christa Miller saying on Howard Stern Monday that they were still together. A source says:

“There was no drama. They were ready. Mandy was very young when they got together and she wanted to see what’s out there, now that she’s a woman. Zach was mature and realized it was time to let her do that.”

There’s a reason you don’t see many beautiful women with ugly men, and thats because at some point in their lives they realize they have eyes. And they can see with them. I’m sure Zach is a very nice fellow, but if these two were to enter a beauty contest one would end up in the top 10 and the other would be mistaken for the janitor. Or her dad.

via Superficial

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