Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kirstie Alley Fall On “Dancing With The Stars”

George Lopez is going to have a Field Day with this: It seems the Dancing With The Stars Curse has struck again — and its only April! In case you missed it, The Watercooler is atwitter this morning after portly actress Kirstie Alley and her pro partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy took a tumble during their rumba on last night’s show.


Maks’ leg gave way as he held Kirstie at the start of their performance to “Over the Rainbow.” Shortly after completing the pair’s opening move, which saw him drag Kirstie across the floor, Maks fell to the ground with a thud, grimacing in pain.

Did we mention that all of this went down on live TV?

“My thigh just gave out,” a shamefaced Maks said after completing the dance. “I’m so sorry.”

The pair continued the dance and managed to score 21/30 points from the judges, but backstage, no one could stop chattering about the fall. Maks blamed dropping Kirstie on a muscle spasm, absolving the Veronica’s Closet actress of blame, especially since it appeared that he’d been supporting Kirstie’s weight when he lost his balance.

“My thighs just gave up. Any dancer would know. It happens. Muscle strain and all that, but it’s nothing to do with her. I apologize,” he told DWTS co-host Brooke Burns.

The Ukrainian was even more bashful about the situation on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

“What makes me most uncomfortable, I want to be the backbone, but I want to be in the shadows. This talked-about moment takes away from Hines (Ward) and Petra (Nemcova) doing their incredible performances. Even from Kirstie.That’s why I feel a little awkward.”

Maks even issued a personal apology to Kirstie via his Twitter page. There was no need. The guy’s still tops in her book.

“I salute u… U r a gladiator …. A champion… I’m honored to be your partner.”

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