Madonna’s Daughter Ditching Material Mom to Move in with Dad?

Madonna’s 16-year-old daughter is thinking of moving in with her father, personal trainer Carlos Leon.

Lourdes — who was snapped smoking a loosie on the streets of New York City earlier this year — is apparently fed up with her famous mother’s strict rules. Arguments between mom and daughter have been said to range from Lourdes’ choice of friends to her friendship with Madonna’s 24-year-old boyfriend, Brahim Zaibat.

A loose-lipped insider tells The Sun:

“Madonna is a strict parent, but Lourdes has been rebelling. She’s also fed up being in the spotlight. That’s why she didn’t go on stage during Madonna’s tour… They have been arguing like crazy. But Madonna would far rather try to sort things out than for Lourdes to leave home and move in with her father. She’s not happy about it, but Lourdes seems to have her mind made up.”

The mini-Material Girl is already planning her escape to the performing arts school Bard College, just outside of New York City. In the ultimate show of rebellion, Lourdes plans to foot the bill herself.

“Lourdes can’t wait to leave home and get to university. She’s already planned it all.”

The university is rated as one of the most liberal in the country and tuition doesn’t come cheap. Lourdes is expected to use the money she earned from her Material Girl clothing line to finance her college education.

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