Madonna Trying To Convert Britney Spears Back To Kabbalah

With her quickie divorce all wrapped up, the Material Girl is focusing her energy on re-converting troubled singer Britney Spears to the controversial Jewish-based faith that she follows.

Madonna is once again trying to sell Spears on Kabbalah

“Madonna is determined she can get Britney back into kabbalah. She has offered her a suite of rooms at her apartment in New York and has told Britney she is her surrogate mother,” a chatty tattle squealed to London’s Daily Mail on Sunday.

“Britney used to wear the red kabbalah bracelet and read the books Madonna gave her and she is thinking about giving it another chance.”

A spokesman for Britney tells the publication: “Britney wouldn’t really comment on that, it’s just a case of wait and see what happens.”

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