Madonna Performs ‘Holiday’ With Jimmy Fallon And The Roots Using Kids Instruments [Watch]


Madonna has been known for some wild antics throughout her career, but this may be the first time that she has ever performed a song with a band using only kids instruments and did so with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots.

She stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and performed one of her classic songs, “Holiday,” and they all were clearly having fun while doing it. Going along with the title of the song it seems, all of the band was wearing Hawaiian shirts, although apparently Madonna didn’t get the memo on the fashion part.

Everyone in the clip including Madonna are all wearing sunglasses while fans can imagine each of them out on a holiday. The assortment of instruments includes a xylophone, vibraphone, ukelele, and a couple of the ones that Madonna plays are the cowbell and the rattle.

Madonna’s song “Holiday” was released in 1983 on her self-titled debut album. The song talks about going on a holiday and taking the time to celebrate, something that everyone can relate to, especially in parts of the country where it Spring hasn’t even hit yet.

Jimmy Fallon is known for having a lot of fun with his guests and the segment is a part of an ongoing series that he does where he has musicians come in to perform their songs with the help of kids instruments. Other musicians that have been involved in the fun antics include Idina Menzel to play “Let It Go” and Meghan Trainor to perform “All About That Bass.”

It is always fun to see famous musicians in a more casual setting and doing a version of their own songs that fans would never imagine hearing. Fallon played the wood block, Casio keyboard and the bass drum throughout the song.

Madonna’s latest album Rebel Heart is out in stores now after being released on March 6th. Singles from the album include “Living For Love” and “Ghosttown.”

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