Madonna Kidnapped Jesus Luz, Family Claims


Madonna kidnapped Jesus.

The family of 22-year-old Brazilian model Jesus Luz believe his 50-year-old new girlfriend, pop legend Madonna, has kidnapped him and is holding him captive in the City That Never Sleeps.

“The hunk’s mortified mom, Cristiane Regina da Silva — who is 14 years younger than Madonna — believes the pop diva has kidnapped her son, snatching him away to a New York love nest and controlling his every move,” The New York Post reported this week.

Jesus hasn’t been in contact with his family for more than two months, even though he lived with them before he meeting Madge.

According to his mother, the last contact the family had with Jesus was a cryptic text message sent in December, telling her he wouldn’t be home for the holidays and wishing the family a Happy Christmas.

Well it doesn’t take a Rhodes Scholar to figure this one out. Jesus is busy spending Madonna’s money and simply can’t be bothered to bring the rest of family along as he rides this gravy train. Less contact with them means more of Madge’s money for him.

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