Madonna Gives Jesus Luz $10,000 Monthly Allowance

Like all of Madonna’s children, Baby Jesus is rewarded each month with a hefty allowance — it pays to be close to The Material Girl.

Jesus Luz, Madge’s 23-year-old boytoy, left his native Brazil and put his modeling career on hold to follow the pop legend, 51, to the Big Apple — and she’s paying him handsomely for the gesture.

A friend of Jesus reveals in the Oct. 26 issue of In Touch: “Jesus basically lived paycheck to paycheck before he met Madonna, and he, like most people, had bills.”

But money troubles are a thing of the past for this barely-legal babe.

“Madonna gives him about $10,000 a month to cover his expenses, including his cell phone, insurance, and credit card payments.”

Madonna is also rumored to be on the hunt for a bachelor pad for Jesus near her New York City home.

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