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Madonna Falls off Stage


Madonna took a big spill off the stage, falling backwards live on Wednesday night’s BRIT Awards 2015.

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While singing Living For Love during the much-anticipated final performance of the night, the singer failed to untie her black cape in time for her devilishly dressed dancers to rip away. The 56-year-old looked shocked after she fell backwards on her famous backside down a set of stairs. The star took a few moments before picking herself up and brushing herself off and then continued the performance to the end.

Taylor Swift ‘s best friend Karlie Kloss was seen turning to Swift in the audience with a horrified  look  on her face while observers watched the pop icon  tumble down the stage stairs and then continue  on with the performance with complete conviction.

It appears that Madonna landed hard on her back after she fell down the three steps mid-performance. She paused for around a minute gathering her strength to continue singing. After her performance, “the material girl” shared a drawing of her Armani cape on Instagram. She uploaded the photo with a caption explaining how the mishap had happened, “My beautiful cape was tied too tight,” the artist wrote. “But nothing can stop me and love really lifted me up! Thanks for your good wishes! I’m fine!”

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Madonna immediately received and enormous amount of praise for the way she handled the tumble through social media. “Tell you though not many artists would continue after that fall. Way to go Madonna for being a trooper & carrying on,” Extra presenter and former Saved by Bell star Mario Lopez tweeted.

Many others have also reached out to the star through Twitter, commending her on her outstanding performance.

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