Madonna’s Daughter, Lourdes Leon, Caught Smoking at 15!

The apple doesn’t fall far from the diva.

While Mama Madge is dealing with having her latest music video censored YouTube, her eldest daughter has found herself at the center of a public relations nightmare of her own.

Quick — someone alert the publicist!

Lourdes Leon — Madonna’s daughter with sometimes actor Carlos Leon — seems to have picked up her mother’s love of controversy after the 15-year-old was photographed smoking on the streets of Manhattan over the weekend.

Nosy pappers spied young Lourdes lighting up a loosie while hanging out with friends on Saturday afternoon. Clad in a short black and white dress a white platform shoes, the LaGuardia High School sophomore seemed unconcerned as she took a drag in full public view and chatted with male companions.

After catching a glimpse of a camera, Lourdes tried to hide the cigarette by turning it upside down.

Nice save, gurl.

This likely won’t be the last time Lourdes finds herself at the center of a media storm. She’ll reportedly be joining mom Madonna on her forthcoming world tour as a backing dancer. The proposed arrangement has raised questions about whether or not it’s appropriate for a teenager to participate in some of the more raunchy routines.

“There are risqué dancers and some blatantly sexual dance routines — but Madonna is really excited about Lourdes making an appearance,” a tattle said last month.


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