Madonna Barbie Snubbed By Mattel

She may be the Material Mom, but Madonna’s no doll, according to the toy titans at Mattel.

madonna barbie doll
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After learning that expectant mother and catwalk maven Heidi Klum was recently honored with her own Barbie Doll as part of the brand’s Blonde Ambition Collection, Madge decided she wanted to be immortalized in plastic, too, The Globe’s Loosch Lips Column reports.

The Queen of Pop immediately rang up Mattel and pitched the idea of producing a Barbie Doll in her likeness, which would celebrate her contributions to music, spies say. Madonna was floored when the company politely said “thank, but no thanks” to idea of creating The Madonna Barbie.

Word is Mattel — who met controversy over their Black Canary Barbie in 2008 — feared the public backlash that could arise from consumers who frown on Madonna’s raunchy image. The sexualized “Holiday” singer has had several run-ins with the Catholic Church and more than few high-profile romantic entanglements over the course of her nearly 30 year career.

But this is one royal diss Madge won’t take lying down.

The Globe writes: “Since she’s used to getting what she wants, Madonna is now considering launching her own doll collection to rival Barbie.”

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