“Mad Men’s” Vincent Kartheiser: No Car, No Meat, No Kids…No Toilet?!


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Sorry Leonardo DiCaprio, there’s a new uber-hippie in Hollywood.

Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser is our new green-living hero.

On Wednesday, the actor dropped by MSNBC in celebration of “Green Week” to chat about how he’s able to live car-free in Los Angeles, a city where it seems even the bugs are speeding around in Beamers! The uber-environmentally-conscious Vincent still takes the bus to work everyday.

Kartheiser says he ditched his wheels four years ago when his car flooded and he discovered that catching public transportion actually “enriched” his life. (Really dude? All it offers the rest of us is a hotbed of germs and overexposure to weirdos…)

“It made my life better to slow down a little bit and walk through the city,” he told correspondent Tamron Hall.

Not only is Vincent car-free, he’s also meat-free, child-free (he’s chosen not to contribute to population growth) and toilet free. Yep, toilet free.

In an interview with The Guardian earlier this year, the actor revealed that his home is “just a wooden box” with no mirrors or indoor plumbing. Apparently when nature calls, Vince makes the trip next door to a neighbors’ house.

Well, those must be some very friendly neighbors.


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