Mad Mel Gibson’s Costa Rican Rant [AUDIO]

An audio recording purportedly of emotionally-unstable screen star Mel Gibson exploding into an expletive-filled rant at his Costa Rica estate earlier this year hit the Interwebs on Wednesday.

The tape was recorded last month…by the 15-year-old son of screenwriter Joe Eszterhas while Eszterhas’ family were guests at Gibson’s home. As you may have heard, Eszterhas has been at odds with the former Mad Max over The Maccabees, an upcoming cinema drama about a Jewish war hero.

Eszterhas, who is Jewish, claims Mel fired him because of his religion. Not true, says Mel, who has a history of racism and anti-semitism. He claims the writer failed to deliver an acceptable draft of the screenplay.

Eszterhas says that Gibson’s rant began unexpectedly as guests had gathered for before-dinner drinks. In the audio rant, the Passion of the Christ actor rails on about former girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva taking advantage of him and questions why God has robbed him of his good looks. (We’re more concerned about the theft of his sanity!)

He also reportedly hurled his cell phone into a wall.

Good times.

In a letter about the incident presented to Mel last month, the screenwriter noted:

“You were staring at the photograph of you and Luci, your beautiful little girl … and you suddenly exploded. You hurled your cellphone into a wall and started to scream, ‘I look so fucking old! I look horrible! That fucking whore is destroying me! She’s taking my looks! I hate her! She’s destroying my life!’ You jumped up, screaming full-throated: ‘Look at me!! Fucking look at me! Look how terrible I look! Answer me, God! Why did you turn your back on me!? Fuck you! Fuck you!’ You stepped a few feet away and screamed into the sky, ‘I’m not gonna take it up the ass anymore and say, ‘Thank you, your honor!'”

Eszterhas says that he’s released the recording in hopes of helping Mel get the “psychiatric help” that seems to keep eluding him.

“Gibson called me a liar. And I also have some reason to believe he’s creating a PR blitz questioning my truthfulness. “The bottom line is it shows to me he badly needs help. My interest isn’t to damage him with this tape but to prevent damage being done to others, starting with Jews, including Oksana and now, I’m sure, me. I strongly believe that unless he seeks and receives some kind of psychiatric help, someone is going to get hurt.”

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