“MacGyver” Creator Threatens To Sue Over “MacGruber” Movie

The man who created the ’80s small screen hit MacGyver is threatening legal action in a bid to block the release of McGruber, an upcoming comedy based on Saturday Night Live’s long-running spoof of the original series. An explosive battle has broken out between Lee Zlotoff — who created the pop-iconic ABC series about a secret agent with the ability to escape any jam — and the producers of the parody headed to the big screen.

Starring Will Forte and Val Kilmer, MacGruber is set to hit theaters in April, but Zlotoff insists the parody breaches copyright laws and movie rights he retains over the show he created, The Hollywood Reporter said Wednesday.

Zlotoff’s attorney, Paul Mayersohn, has presented Relativity Media, the company behind the new comedy,
with a cease-and-desist letter prohibiting MacGruber’s release.

“We feel they’re infringing our rights,” Mayersohn told the website.

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