Lynne Spears Demands Lynne Spears Give Up Baby, Accuses Casey Aldridge Of Impregnanting Jamie Lynn “On Purpose”

Hmmm, maybe Lynne Spears has connected brain cells after all. Leery of supposed papa Casey Aldridge, the notorious showbiz reportedly demanded that Jamie Lynn Spears “get rid” of her unborn baby after first hearing the news that her Nickelodeon-starring teen daughter was pregnant.

A spy tells The National Enquirer:

“….Lynne demanded that Jamie Lynn not keep the baby. At first, Jamie Lynn agreed, but then Casey talked her into keeping the baby.”

“Lynne doesn’t believe Casey loves Jamie Lynn, even though he wants to marry her. She thinks he got Jamie Lynn pregnant on purpose for money and the fame of being the father of her baby,” says the source.

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