Top 10 Ridiculous Luxury Items


Some luxury items are highly coveted, like a Rolls Royce or a Baume & Mercier Capeland Flyback, or a mansion settled right on the California coast. With that said, there are plenty of exorbitantly priced items out there that make little to no sense at all. If you have ever wanted a peek into how the rich live their lives but didn’t want to suffer through an episode of The Secret Lives of Billionaires, look no further, here’s a look at the secret (and ridiculous) lives of the 1%!

Glitter Pills

Glitter Pills

If you’re looking for the gift to get the person in your life who seems to have everything, look no further. Filled with 24-karat gold leaf and then dipped in gold, this is a gorgeous addition to anyone’s medicine cabinet! Of course, it isn’t meant to stay there. The entire purpose of this pill is to make your poop glitter, so not even the sewer rats have any doubt about how boujee you truly are. And for just $425, it’s a steal!

22 Karat Gold Toilet Paper

Gold TP

Australia is an alternate reality, it has to be, so it’s no surprise that something this ridiculous hails from down under. The toilet paper is three ply and was inspired by solid gold toilets in Dubai. There are gold flakes throughout the paper, and they will fall off and get all over you and your bathroom as you use it. (At least you can get glitter everywhere more sanitarily with this option?) The item was produced by Toilet Paper Man, and only one of them exists at the moment. It can be yours for $1.3 million.

Geoffrey Parker Monopoly


Monopoly has been ripping families and friendships apart since 1935 at the low price of about $16, but now you can hate everyone in your house for $13,000 instead. Billionaire Monopoly features a Dauphin calf leather board, but feel free to ask for alligator or ostrich instead! The calf leather comes in colors like bubblegum, marine, and conifer. You can play with sterling silver-gilt playing pieces, use leather dice cups, and there is even an increased starting bank as the first property on the board has a rental cost of $6 million.

Montblanc’s Skeleton Collection Fountain Pens


Fountain pens are just a fancy way to make a mess for most people, they take time to get the hang of, and they feel so different than what everyone usually writes with. Thankfully, this is the perfect set to help you practice. Each has a spooky design, and a handcrafted nib for perfect precision. German manufacturer Montblanc is known for their production of luxury writing instruments, watches, jewelry and other leather goods; they are the masterminds behind the Skeleton Collection of fountain pens, with a used pen, only one pen from the set, costing anywhere from $35,000 to $100,000.

Kopi Luwak


If you’re a coffee drinker, you know that not all coffee is created equally. It stands to reason that there is luxury coffee that exists, and I’m sure that just the cost of a high dollar cup makes you eager to try it. Luxury coffee, especially this at $50 a cup, has to be delicious. If not, why would it be so expensive? Well, it’s also called Vietnamese weasel coffee, and that may or may not be because a wild civet eats the beans and then poops them out before it makes it to your Keurig. Civets eat coffee beans, and the way that they digest them supposedly makes the coffee richer and more flavorful while eradicating some of the bitterness. I think I will just stick with a venti caramel frappuccino, hold the whip, hold the weasel feces.

Saint Laurent Patti Studded Goat Hair Ankle Boots

Goat Boots

If you have ever wanted to look like you had strange goat feet, Yves Saint Laurent is looking out for you. The fashion industry has shown us some wild styles, and some of them are downright comical looking on the dead-serious looking runway participants. These shoes, we’re all convinced, have to be a joke. The shoes seem to be made out of real goat hair, and they have a chic little studded band on the ankle. Don’t you just cringe at the thought of accidentally getting these wet? Apparently, these sparked a little bit of a trend because other companies like Overland Sheepskin Co. have what they call the Long-Haired Goat Fur Boots that are just as horrifying. The Overland Sheepskin Co. boots will only run you about $400, but if you want the YSL real deal, you’re looking at a price tag of $1,090.

AeroDream One

AeroDream One

This is the world’s most expensive docking station that works for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It is eleven feet tall, so it is too tall to fit into most people’s houses. Your iDevice goes at the top, so it conveniently comes with a ladder so you can climb up to use it. It weighs about 900 pounds and can crank out enough noise to really do some damage. You can get it in the standard chrome, black, or white, and with every purchase of the AeroDream One, you get 2 Jean Michel Jarre concert tickets at no extra charge. It costs $560,000! If eleven feet is too tall for you, or you know maybe you don’t have half a million dollars, you could just resort to buying the slightly less impressive AeroSystem One for $1,100. It’s an iPod and iPhone dock speaker system that reaches up over 3 feet in height. Of course, if you’re going to spend that kind of money, just invest in a new house where the AeroDream can fit.

Vicuna Wool Socks


Deep in the wild of South America, lives a relative of the llama and alpaca. Every three years, they can be shorn to harvest their incomparably soft wool; but to do so, you must venture out and catch them in the wild. After being shorn, the wool is then used to create magical socks, of which only ten pairs exist. They are the softest, warmest socks you can find, and they are incredibly rare. It sounds like something you would hear on Nat Geo around 3 in the morning, but it is completely true. The vicuna is a wild camelid that only produces a minimal amount of incredibly fine wool. Ten pairs of socks have been made from the wool, as there can only be such a small amount shorn at such long intervals. You can snag a pair for $1,180.

I Love Dogs 52-carat Diamond Dog Collar

Diamond Pet Collar

Extravagant pet items aren’t a new concept. There are dog houses, Paris Hilton’s famed mansion for her dogs, designer clothes, gourmet food. Pets have become part of the family, so of course, they get treated like family, which means wealthy family members will lavish them with embarrassingly ridiculous gifts after one too many glasses of wine and a click around QVC.com. However, this ostentatious collar is not for the faint of heart. The Amour Amour features a total of 1,600 hand set diamonds around the majestic collar. The centerpiece is a 7-carat D-IF brilliant-shaped diamond, and the chandelier-style base is constructed from crocodile leather and 18 karats white gold. It isn’t for the faint of wallet either, with a price tag of $3.2 million.

Diamond Contact Lenses


Everyone has their eye on some nice piece of diamond jewelry. Even if you’re not big on jewelry, even if diamonds aren’t your style, it’s almost culturally ingrained in us to covet fancy things. Now, though, you can turn the tables and put some diamonds on your eyes. The idea of bringing jewelry to the contact lens industry belongs to Chandrashekhar Chawan, optometrist, and creator of La Ser eye jewelry line. His wife had some diamonds implanted into her teeth, so obviously, the logical progression was to find a way to shove them into your eyes too? These are not FDA approved, but Chawan insists that they are safe. Only about 4,000 sets of these were made, but Chawan has a dream to replace traditional jewelry with this product. The cost is about $7,500 per eye, and between you and me, they’re actually terrifying to look at.

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