Luke Perry “90210” $40,000 Per Episode Request

Dylan McKay maybe “Kelly’s baby daddy” on The CW’s modern-day revival of Beverly Hills, 90210, but producers behind the primetime soap will have to fork over a few more fistfuls of cash if they ever hope get Dylan’s original alter ego, actor Luke Perry, back on the small screen.

If the National Enquirer is to be believed, Luke was recently offered a $15,000 contract to make a one-time guest appearance on the new 90210. He turned down the gig. Instead Luke, who turned in an impressive performance as a guest star on Law & Order: SVU earlier this year, is asking for the same gig the network is giving recurring star Shannen Doherty, who famously feuded with Luke-and everyone else-on the original series.

He wants $40,000 per episode, but head honchos at The CW say “fat chance” of that happening.

When producers balked, Luke suggested: “Kill off my character…or find a new face to play me.”

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