Luke Hemsworth Talks Hollywood, His Famous Brothers, And Leaving Acting To Install Floors [Exclusive]


Luke Hemsworth Interview Exclusive for PopCrunch

By now you know of at least one Hemsworth brother. Whether you’ve watched Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games, or peeked at Chris Hemsworth on the cover of People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, the Hemsworths have slowly been taking over American culture. While Chris and Liam are becoming part of America’s most successful tentpole projects, a third Hemsworth brother Luke Hemsworth has been getting ready to take everyone by surprise. Spending his years cutting his teeth on different Australian based projects, Luke is poised to make a huge splash in America.

Before he makes his way into the living rooms of Americans in HBO’s Westworld, Luke is in the Simon Pegg comedy-action hybrid Kill Me Three Times. In Kill Me Three Times, Luke Hemsworth plays Dylan, a guy who wears his heart on his sleeve, and ultimately gets caught in a tough situation that leads to him to rise above in a kick butt way. In the film, he falls for Alice, despite her having an abusive boyfriend Jack. The film starts spiraling from there in its own stylistic way. Luke Hemsworth spoke with PopCrunch to discuss his career thus far and Kill Me Three Times.

PopCrunch: How did you get started in acting?

Luke Hemsworth: I don’t remember the one point. It was always hand in hand with what I was doing at school. I did drama and school plays. Then it went from there, to courses, and then I went to university and studied contemporary arts and performing arts. I did Australian television, and from there I did a few other things and got a bit disillusioned with it.

PopCrunch: How were you disillusioned?

Hemsworth: I don’t know. There was a point where I thought, ‘I don’t want to do this,’ and I went and did something else. I started a flooring business and did that successfully for a few years, and then the bug that drives the love came back, and now we’re here.

PopCrunch: Was there a particular project that drew you back in?

Hemsworth: Yeah there was a thing I did back in Australia called Brothers in Arms, which was about the Bikie war. I did it with Callan Mulvey, who’s also in Kill Me Three Times. He was the leader of our gang, and I was one of his soldiers. It kind of reignited everything for me.

PopCrunch: Your brothers Liam and Chris Hemsworth are involved in blockbuster franchises such as Thor and The Hunger Games. Do you think about getting involved in a tentpole projects?

Hemsworth: You never want to limit yourself, I think. You never want to rule those things out because the magnitude of them is enormous.

PopCrunch: What do you make of all the fandoms and pandemonium of what goes on in promoting a film of that size?

Hemsworth: It’s incredibly overwhelming and I’m not sure how you deal with it, but at this point in time it’s kind of a long way down the road if at all. It’s not something I ever aimed for specifically. I think I look for things that are attractive in terms of material and work. I don’t say, “I really want to be in a Marvel film or a DC film.”

PopCrunch: When you get together with Liam and Chris do you talk acting or is that the last thing you guys want to talk about?

Hemsworth: If we get together and we talk about acting it’s specifically for acting. We get together and we talk about family time, it’s usually about things that are outside of acting. None of us really want to talk about acting. There are conversations that come up that are interesting and different, but most of the time it’s just about enjoying each other’s company. We don’t spend much time together so it comes down to being in the moment and having fun, and doing things that aren’t too serious.

PopCrunch: Are you interested in crossing over to American cinema?

Hemsworth: Absolutely. I live in LA and I’m based here for the fact that this is where the work is and this is hopefully where the future is in terms of being an actor and a performer. Going back to Australia and doing those films were a means to an end. The acting business in a lot of ways is about subsidizing one thing for another in order to do something else. It’s kind of working towards a slower process than you ever anticipate, but I got a great job. It’s an HBO series called Westworld, which starts shooting soon. Jonathan Nolan is directing it and Bad Robot (J.J. Abrams) is producing. It’s a huge project for me.

PopCrunch: It sounds incredibly huge.

Hemsworth: It is and it’s a huge cast too — Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, James Marsden, Evan Rachel Wood — it just goes on and on. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be part of something, so hopefully it’s successful.

PopCrunch: What was the allure of Kill Me Three Times?

Hemsworth: The allure for me was that it’s a character that ends up being a knight and shining armor. It’s a great role because there’s so many different facets to him. In some films, you’re presented with one thing and it turns into something else. Each one of them is a diamond in terms of how many different shades and sides they all have. Dylan was no different — he was your typical handsome, savior of the day. He turns out to be pretty deadly.

PopCrunch: He’s pretty deadly with that gun!

Hemsworth: [Laughs] Yeah and that’s what you look for. It’s a balance of the light shade and the darkness. Those things are all attractive to a character.

PopCrunch: It was an interesting way to tell a caper story with how non-linear it was.

Hemsworth: Sure. It’s always a gamble in terms of what you’re presented with as a script and what ends up on the screen. The end result was pretty different from the original script I was shown. It’s neither a positive nor a negative it’s just part of the industry and what happens.

PopCrunch: There’s a belief that a movie can be saved or ruined in an editing room.

Hemsworth: Absolutely, and the only thing you can do as a performer is to try and give a wide range of performance so there is room to grow to whatever extent.

Kill Me Three Times hits theaters on April 10.

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