Lourdes Leon Acting Lessons Professional Children’s School


Lourdes wants to become an actress.

Lourdes Leon, the 12-year-old daugther of pop icon Madonna, has registered for acting lessons at Professional Children’s School, the Manhattan drama school famous for training Hollywood stars Macaulay Culkin, Scarlett Johansson, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Good for Lourdes. Maybe she can give Mom some long overdue acting lessons. Ever seen Madonna’s work in the 1990 stinker Dick Tracy? ‘Nuff said.

On Saturday, The Daily Mail wrote:

“Lourdes is desperate to become an actress and has joined Manhattan’s Professional Children’s School. She is determined to prove herself and plans to throw herself into studying the technique.”

In 2007, Lourdes was courted for a starring role in the film The Secret Life Of Bees, but had to turn down the part because her mother didn’t want her getting into showbusiness so young. The role later went to teen star Dakota Fanning.

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