Louis CK Does Impersonations And Discusses His Past Struggles As A Comic On The Tonight Show [Watch]


Louis CK, one of the best comics of our time, stopped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to share some impersonations and past stories, including a hilarious impersonation of the host.

Jimmy Fallon has had comedic talent for a long time as well, and when auditioning for The Dana Carvey Show that didn’t last, Louis CK explained how he ruined his chances of being on the show. The show was only on for seven episodes, so perhaps Fallon should be thanking him for what he did.

“This kid is really talented, but I just don’t want to look at him every day, because it will make me upset with myself, so I torpedoed your chance of being on the show,” said Louis CK in reference to his audition for the show. He jokingly added that he probably would have taken over the show if it had become a success and adds the inspiring line of “Everything that happens in your patch leads to where you are.”

For just the Dana Carvey segment, see the clip below.

The Louie star admitted that Fallon had a hilarious audition, and in a fit of jealousy, he begged the producer not to let him on the show. There is nothing like getting two great comedians together in the same room, and they shared some hilarious moments throughout the segment.

Louis CK was brought on to the show in order to promote the latest season of his hit show Louie. The series just premiered its fifth season on Sunday night and it has been nominated for several Emmy and Golden Globe Award

The two comics later discussed their early years as standup comics, with Louis yearning for the good old days, talking about how he misses the years of struggling because you never get that back. As a fan, you would never think that famous people would miss their days of struggling right? He explained that was the reasoning behind representing himself as a failure on his show.

Tell Us: Are you excited to see Louis CK in the new season of Louie?

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