Lou Amundson Receives Blow To The Face From Mike Conley Jr., Called For Foul [Watch]


Lou Amundson, a member of the embarrassing New York Knicks, was on the short end of quite possibly one of the worst calls in the history of the NBA.

Last night, during another huge loss for the Knicks, Amundson was on his way to receiving a pass from his teammate when he was rocked violently and appearing to have his jaw relocated on a hit from Mike Conley Jr., although somehow he was the one called for the foul.

Perhaps they were playing in the twilight zone last night, or it is just yet another event to add to the disastrous season that the New York Knicks have been experiencing, but the fact that there was a foul called on Amundson during the play will forever be a mystery to basketball fans everywhere.

The fact that Lou Amundson was not injured on the play is a miracle and mystery to everyone. During the play, we see his ponytail flip around violently, and what happens to his jaw looks like something that Muhammad Ali would be responsible for. Clearly he wasn’t causing any harm to Mike Conley Jr: we can all agree on that, right?

The injury list on the Knicks’ roster has been piling up all year and it is hard to imagine how Amundson could have possibly returned to the court after a hit like that. How could it possibly be fair to call a foul on someone who was hit that badly? Unfortunately, players that end up on the ground have fouls called on them more often than fans would like to think.

Perhaps the refs just feel that everyone on the Knicks are guilty of everything after boasting such a bad record this year, but it is safe to say that everyone else would agree that the call was complete nonsense.

Lou Amundson and the New York Knicks are currently sitting at last place in the Eastern Conference and they have only managed to win 14 games all year.

Tell US: Was this foul on Lou Amundson the worst call in the history of the NBA or what?

Tobias Roth
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