Los Angeles Clippers Could Try To Get Paul Pierce, Hoping To Bring Lance Stephenson Off The Bench

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Photo via Facebook

The Los Angeles Clippers are looking to switch their roster around a bit after falling short in the postseason. Paul Pierce is a potential target and they recently acquired Lance Stephenson, hoping to bring him off the bench like they did with Jamal Crawford.

The Clippers’ performance in the 2015 playoffs could be referred to as questionable, to say the least. The team played one of the greatest first round series of all time against the Spurs and continued their streak for a while, where they seemed to simply give up.

They have proved that they can do well with bringing a veteran shooter off the bench with Jamal Crawford having great minutes and nailing a large number of 3’s for the team, while Lance Stephenson could provide a similar type of support and he is also able to play multiple positions.

The Los Angeles Clippers’ coach Doc Rivers has a history with Paul Pierce, as any NBA fan knows, and he is one of the options that the team is exploring as a possible starting small forward.

Pierce could sign a deal of $3.37 million for up to three years if he declines his $5.5 million player option with Washington. Clearly players don’t normally turn down money, but it isn’t a huge difference, and the opportunity would allow Pierce to reunite with his coach who helped him win the title in 2008.

On Monday, the Clippers received Lance Stephenson in a trade for Matt Barnes and Spencer Hawes, feeling that he would be a utility player off the bench. Speaking on Stephenson, Rivers said, “I look at him really more to be a utility player that can come in and play literally three different positions for us. When you look at us, we needed toughness and more athleticism and we get that.”

The Los Angeles Clippers will  continue rebuilding over the offseason and hope to have a more well-rounded team that can make it to the finals next season. Rivers plans to be creative and although the team does not have a pick in the draft, he mentioned that buying into the draft could be a possibility as well.

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