Lori Loughlin Ryan Eggold Leaving “90210”

A cast shakeup is headed to The CW’s 90210: Series Lori Loughlin and Ryan Eggold won’t be back when the show returns for a fourth season next fall, the network confirmed on Wednesday.

On Aaron Spelling’s original ’90s soap — Beverly Hills, 90210 — adult characters like Jim and Cindy Walsh and Nat virtually evaporated into thin air once the the gang hit 18. Now the classic show’s spinoff is pullling a similar move, according to TVLine.com. Now that most of the show’s central characters are heading off to college, they’ll be less emphasis on teachers and parents, rendering Loughlin’s role as Debbie Wilson and Eggold’s Ryan Matthews virtually useless. Fans, who have tuned in each Tuesday evening to watch the matriarch and the teacher gradually become romantically-linked, will see the storyline draw to a close as the show inches towards its May season finale.

Rob Estes, who played Loughlin’s onscreen husband, departed 90210 at the end of the show’s first season.

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