Lorde’s Parents Are Finally Making Honest People Out of Each Other

Let’s hear a big Hip, Hip, Hooray (or whatever you say to newly-engaged couples) for Vic O’Connor and Sonya Yelich. The lovin’ twosome is getting married.

And it only took them 30 years.

Vic and Sonya have been dating since the 1980s and have four children together. You might know them best, however, as parents to “Royals” hitmaker Lorde.

The couple have finally decided to tie the knot — and their superstar spawn was on hand to witness Monday’s Niagara Falls proposal. The 17-year-old Lorde was downright giddy; one of the rare occasions during which she hasn’t conducted herself like an angsty 35-year-old cat lady.

She tweeted:

“BEST DAY — went to Niagara Falls — my dad proposed to my mum after almost 30 years together.”

After all, she is a Grammy winner.

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