How Old Is Lorde? Birth Certificate Quiets Age Conspiracy Theories


Just in case you haven’t noticed, the world of social media is filled with skeptics who have a tough time believing that newly-minted Grammy winner Lorde is actually a teenager.

Perhaps a peek at her birth certificate will settle this discussion once and for all…

According to an alleged record of birth obtained by the team at The Hairpin, the double-Grammy winner was born in Takapuna, New Zealand on November 7, 1996. So, for all the doubters out there, Lorde is 17.


Of course, conspiracy theorists might be forgiven for believing the “Royals” singer is secretly thirty-something. After all, there was the time she quipped to Vanity Fair:

“Hi, I’m Ella. And I’m actually 45.”

And Lorde did tell Rookie magazine that The Virgin Suicides (released in 1999) “really resonated with [her] as a teenager,” before correcting herself with “I mean, I am still a teenager.”


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