Look Out for Ariana Grande’s Brother on “Big Brother 16”

Big Brother returns for a 16th season on CBS this summer — and this time, the house will receive a shot of starpower…if only by association.

Frankie Grande, older brother of “Tattooed Heart” hit-maker Ariana Grande, will be secluded in the Big Brother 16 house in the hopes of winning the show’s coveted $500,000 grand prize.

A little notoriety of his own couldn’t hurt, of course.

The former Broadway actor and current YouTube sensation says his baby sister couldn’t be more supportive of his new move. In fact, the younger Grande even offered up some strategic advice on making it to the finale: “Don’t be the villain…not right away, anyway.”

“She was like, ‘Don’t be crazy too soon or else everyone is going to hate you.’ And she was like, ‘Gasp – when they start to hate you I’m going to be SO mad!'”

Ariana is on track to have the Song of the Summer with her Iggy Azalea-assisted single, “Problem.” For now though, she’s just excited to support Frankie. She passed along her sisterly excitement with her Twitter followers on Thursday, tweeting out a congratulatory remark:

“Congrats to my big brother on being cast in season 16 of big brother…..so proud of u / I’m a nervous wreck #bb16 you’re gonna kill it.”

In official cast photos, Frankie stands out from other house guests with multi-colored bleached blonde and pink hair. He’s hoping his famous family ties will prove more inconspicuous:

“I’m gonna try and keep her out of the game, because I feel like it just clouds the issue. Immediately people associate fame with money, with influence. So if they know that I have a super famous sister they’re going to assume that I have money.”

Big Brother 16 premieres June 25 at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.

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