LoLo Jones heading to London for another attempt at a Gold Medal

Iowa track star, LoLo Jones, is heading back to London.

As Track and Field stars invaded the University of Oregon’s Hayward Field, records were set and tickets to London were punch.
Jones, who was one hurdle away from a Gold Medal in Beijing, China, finished third in the women’s 100-meter hurdles final in 12.86 seconds. “I had my sports psychologist on speed dial one, my pastor on speed dial two and my mom on speed dial three,” Jones said of the pressure this weekend. “It was crazy.”

“I woke up (Saturday morning) and I didn’t even think I’d make the team,” said Jones, one day after a disappointing start in a prelim that cause her to break the dreaded 13-second barrier. Joining LoLo on the 100-meter team, former Gold Medalist Dawn Harper and star, Kellie Wells. “I’m just thrilled to have another shot,” Jones said before her victory lap.

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