Lohan’s Mom Gets “Fingered” In NYC Nightclub?!

According to New York snitch sources, Lindsay Lohan may get her party animal ways from her mama.

Dina Lohan has allegedly been hitting up a number of Big Apple hotspots and playing the role of the “hot mama.” But it was Wednesday night at the Kobe Nightclub here in the city that D.L was accused of checking her table manners at the door.

Sporting a mini-skirt and high boots, Dina was reportedly cozying up with one of her tablemates:

“Dina had a napkin in her lap and hiked up her dress,” the disgusted source dishes. “The guy put his hand under her napkin (Insert your imagination here) It went on for like five minutes.”

Naturally, D.L’s camp is in denial. “That’s a disgusting lie and it’s completely untrue.”

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